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Formerly a freelance stylist, Clare Moggridge at b.Curly has now joined the exclusive team at 'The Salon' in the grounds of Poet's House in Ely Cambridgeshire.  In order to book a consultation with Clare please contact her on 07713 117169 or email claremogg@icloud.com

b.Curly works with natural curls and waves, respects who you are inside and out, celebrating and enhancing textured hair in all its myriads of forms and glory.


About me

I have been in the hair industry for 8 years. Previously I had an artistic career, having formerly trained in sculpture at Central Saint Martins. I have a deep affinity for cutting curly hair ~ it combines all of my interests and experience. To me cutting curly hair is a sculptural practice.

In 2018 I had the honour of being trained in the first professional European Curl by Curl MasterClass by the internationally renowned hair specialist Lorraine Massey. Former founder of “The Deva Cut” and “Curly Girl The Handbook”. Since last year I have undertaken further training with Curly Hair Mastery.

Similarly to the majority of my clients I have previously had a juxtaposing relationship with my own hair. However in 2017 I began to follow the Curly Girl Method myself. I empathise with every client in my chair, I regard it as my privilege and pleasure to guide my client through their own unique curl journey.



like all great ideas
~ the curly girl method is simple and effective


Your appointment

£75 - curl consultation and curl cut
£50 - express trim on dry hair
[by invitation only]

£35 - curly kids

£25 - curly kids dry cut


curl consultation
nurturing nature

In the Salon b.Curly guide you in one-to-one consultations to get the very best out of your hair and style, you will leave feeling curl confident in and out of the salon.


curl by curl cut

This signature b.Curly cut is done on dry hair literally curl by curl in its natural form - allowing for varying curl patterns and shrinkages on your particular head of hair. The aim is a bespoke cut to give more shape, curl definition, volume and the ability to fall more evenly. A good shape with consideration of curl pattern effects how the hair will grow out and how long the cut will last 4/6 months.



Gentle removal of silicones, excessive build up of oils in preparation for hair to be hydrated and moisturised - deep conditioning treatment which allows for hair to rehydrate itself.

Preparation for your salon visit
for the best cut

Before arriving for your consultation

• Arrive with your hair freshly co-washed and detangled and 100% dry
[there will be an extra £10 charge per 10 min for detangling]

• Leave your preferred amount of conditioner in and/or water soluble gel

• Please do not wear your hair in a band/pony tail or have grips and pins in it


For years I had considered my hair ‘frizzy’ and ‘fluffy’, neither straight nor curly, but always a pain! After I turned 30 I was spending more and more time straightening it, only to find an hour into my day I would have a ‘halo of frizz’ again and at least one bit that stuck out. As well as spending a ridiculous amount of time drying and straightening my hair . I had always had a ‘wave’ to my hair but would never considered it curly but a friend had started following the curly girl method and kept sending me photos and details about it. I kept reading things but thinking it was too complicated and not for me, plus the idea of never shampooing my hair or brushing it again filled me with dread. 

It took me a long while before I felt confident enough to try it, but I’m so glad I started it! 20+ years of straightening my hair had taken its toll and it was amazing to see my natural hair starting to come through. There’s always a transition period, but I opted for a fairly simple routine to start with. After a while I started to see more and more curls forming and I started to feel more confident.  I decided to be brave and book a curly cut with Clare, although I was convinced she was going to take one look at my hair and declare me some sort of ‘curly haired fake’ and tell me to get packing... but of course she didn’t! She gave me loads of helpful tips and advice, made me feel comfortable and confident and even spent time showing me how to co wash and style my hair to help it retain moisture and for the curls to form. The results of my curl cut were amazing and I recurved so many compliments from it. 

Now I have a fantastically simple routine, using 3 great products and only have to wash my hair a few times a week so more time to spend on other things! I finally feel happy with my hair and confident with it and like a true curly girl! 

Sarah ~ Curly Hair

Before curly girl my hair was a matted heavy mess Hagrid’s from Harry Potter , my hair wore me. I used to keep it very long in an attempt to weigh it down. I’d always hated my hair and felt like I was limited to what could be done with it. Now I can comfortably wear it shoulder length and even have layers. The curly girl method has transformed the health and texture of my hair. I’ve learned to love my hair and my waves.

Olivia ~ Wavy Hair



The Salon is in the grounds of the Poets House in a central location near Ely Cathedral. It is a short walk from Barton Road carpark (free) or alternatively for short visits St Mary's Street carpark is also nearby. 

Ely is a bustling historic market town. It is therefore advised to arrive early in order to secure a parking space.

Ely Cathedral